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Publish Year 2005
Publication Multimedia Tools and Applications (EI,SCIE), Springer Science, Vol. 26, No. 2, pp.207-220
Paper Title Constructing a Bowling Information System with Video Content Analysis
Paper Author(s) Wen Wen Hsieh and Arbee L.P. Chen
Abstract In this paper, we present a design and implementation of a bowling information system. This system contains three types of bowling game information including the bowling video content information, the game-related information and the player information. The MPEG-7 Description Schemes are used to describe these types of information and the relationships among them. This information is obtained through an annotator by which manual conceptual feature annotation (for the player and gamerelated information) and automatic perceptual feature extraction (for the video content information) are integrated. Several interesting events in the video such as strikes and the important frames are determined by automatically analyzing the video content. With an interactive user interface, users
Keywords video analysis, video content extraction, bowling events, MPEG-7, video summarization
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