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Publish Year 2006
Publication Department of Computer Science National Chengchi University Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Paper Title Optimizing Multiple Join-Queries over Sensor Data Streams
Paper Author(s) Yao-Chung Fan, Arbee L.P. Chen
Abstract Sensor networks have received considerable attentions in recent years and played an important role in data collection applications. Sensor nodes have limited supply of energy. Therefore, one of the major design considerations for sensor applications is to reduce the power consumption. In this paper, we study an application that combines RFID and sensor network technologies to provide an environment for path tracking, which needs efficient join-query processing. In addition to individual query optimization, we consider multi-query optimizations to reduce query evaluation cost, and therefore power consumption. We present algorithms for efficiently processing multiple join-queries with common evaluations. Moreover, extensive experiments are made to demonstrate the performance of the proposed optimization techniques.
Keywords Sensor Network, Query Optmization
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