姓 名 Juliana Hsieh
暱 稱  

These past two years have been a great experience to me. Academically, I had the opportunity to study works of different subjects, improve my presentation skills, learn how to perform research, and work on the ability of commenting on and criticizing others’ works. The environment, the teacher, and the labmates definitely contributed to my learning process in this university. So much has happened throughout the course of pursuing my master’s degree, that I wouldn’t have enough space to describe it all. Academic achievement was my primary goal in this university, but a good social life was important too…and the friends I’ve met here definitely played the most important role in making my studies more joyful.

During my first two semesters in NTHU, I was able to absorb a lot regarding to subjects the seniors in the lab were working on. When I entered MAKE lab, CK and Mark were the first two people who helped me accommodate to the new “home”. After a few weeks, I got to know my colleagues. Each of them has their own personality that makes them so special to me. I appreciate their help, care and friendship. I wish to thank all the 學長s for helping me throughout these two years of learning…their comments and criticism played an important part in my academic maturation. I also want to express gratitude to 老師 for his guidance and patience…without his counsel and understanding I would not have been able to carry out my work successfully. Finally, I thank the 學弟s and學妹 for making this lab a pleasant environment to work in.

I will definitely miss these two years of study and joy, which have turned into unforgettable memories. I leave the above words as a testament of my feelings for all members of the unique MAKE LAB.