ALUMNI. 碩士班 博士班
林真伊, 2012
Efficient Algorithm for Determining k-Most Demanding/Favorite Products
Initial Employment: 花旗銀行(Citibank Taiwan)
王恩慈, 2010
Mining Frequent Itemsets over Distributed Data Streams
Initial Employment: 工業技術研究院(Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan, R.O.C)
范耀中, 2010
Efficient and Robust Schemes for Accuracy-Guaranteed Sensor Data Aggregation
Initial Employment: 國立中興大學(National Chung Hsing University)
陳宏鎮, 2008
Techniques of Music Analysis, Recommendation, and Retrieval for Music Services
Initial Employment: 國立清華大學(National Tsing Hua University)
邱鼎潁, 2008
On Frequent Sequence Mining and Online Classification Techniques
Initial Employment: ...
左聰文, 2008
Mining and Retrieving Various Sequential Patterns in Sequence Databases
Initial Employment: 工研院
劉寧漢, 2005
Similarity Search in Polyphonic Music Databases
Initial Employment: 屏東科技大學助理教授
林佳漢, 2005
A Study on Video Modeling, Indexing and Query Processing
Initial Employment: 亞洲大學助理教授

李官陵(Guanling, Lee) , 2001
Location Management and Efficient Query Processing in Mobile Information Systems
Initial Employment: 東華大學資訊工程學系暨網路與多媒體科技研究所(CSIE at NDHU)

徐嘉連(Jia-Lien Hsu) , 2001
Content-based Music Information Retrieval and Analysis
Initial Employment: 工研院電通所 (ITRI Computer & Communication Lab.)

吳宜鴻(Yi-Hung Wu) , 2001
The Analysis, Indexing and Retrieval of Web Data
Initial Employment: 清華大學電通中心 (CCRC at NTHU)

羅壽之, 2000
Data Broadcasting in the Mobile Computing Environment
Initial Employment: 東華大學

郭秋田(Tony C.T. Kuo) , 1998
Indexing, Retrieval, and Query Processing for Video Databases  
Initial Employment: 國立空中大學

劉志俊(Chih-Chin Liu) , 1998
Content-Based Video and Music Data Retrieval

柯佳伶(Jia-Ling Koh) , 1997
Integration and Query Processing for Object and Multimedia Databases
Initial Employment: 國立台灣師範大學(National Taiwan Normal University)

顏秀珍(Show-Jane Yen) , 1997
Efficient Knowledge Discovery from Large Databases
Initial Employmnt:銘傳管理學院(Ming Chuan College)

張志祥(C. S. Chang) , 1996
The inference,aggregation,refinement and applications of uncertain data
Initial Employment:三慧科技(Trilogy Technologies)

蔡秀滿(Pauray S. M. Tsai) , 1996
Interoperability and query Optimization in multidatabase systems
Initial Employment:明新技術學院 (Ming Hsin Institute of Technology)

邱瑞山(Jui-Shang Chiu) , 1995
Pv-table - A representation system for exclusive disjunctive data
Initial Employment:國立屏東商專 (National PingTung Institute of Commerce)

曾守正(Frank S.C. Tseng) , 1992
A study on partial values with applications to query processing in heterogeneous database systems
Initial Employment:元智工學院(Yuan-Ze Institute of Technology)