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Publish Year 2005
Publication Journal of Information Science and Engineering (EI,SCIE), Vol. 21, No. 6, pp.1179-1199
Paper Title Data Scheduling in Multiple Channel/Multiple Receiver Environments for Processing Data Requests with Timing Constraints
Paper Author(s) Guanling Lee, Yi-ning pan AND Arbee L. P. Chen
Abstract In real-time environments, information is disseminated to clients under timing constraints. In this paper, we focus on the real time data scheduling problem in multiple broadcast channels environments, where the clients are equipped with multiple receivers. Each request is associated with a deadline. The clients can either retrieve data items from the broadcast channels or send requests to the server and then listen to the broadcast channels. The aim of our work is to serve as many requests as possible. In our approach, the content of the broadcast program is first decided. Afterwards, the proposed periodic broadcast program generation algorithm and the on-demand broadcast program generation algorithm are employed. Simulations were performed to show the benefit of our approach. We conclude that our data scheduling algorithms are scalable, and that the time spent on executing our data scheduling algorithms is low.
Keywords real-time database, timing constraint, periodic broadcast program, on_demand broadcast program, multiple broadcast channels
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