黃郁晴 2018

Predicting Depression Tendency Based on Image, Text and Behavior Data from Instagram

曹書恒 2018

A Data Science Approach to Dynamically Optimizing Bus Departure Time

吳品樺 2018

Event Detection for Exploring Emotional Upheaval of Depressive People

楊弘智 2018

Discovering High Demanding Bus Routes Using Farecard Data

巫旻諺 2017

A Two-stage Depression Detection Method using Social Media, Questionnaire and Open Data

張維元 2016

A Data-driven Framework on Correlating Air Pollution Indices and Cancer Statistics

李偉宏 2016

Mining Accompanying Relationships between Diseases from Patient Records

陳毓琪 2016

Mining User Trajectories from Smartphone Data

童冠傑 2015

Predicting Elections Based on Social Media

鄭瑞賢 2013

On Spatial Top-k Queries Considering Dominating Relationship

戴偉恒 2013

On Continunous Spatial Skyline Query over a Line Segment

蔡予欣 2012

Local Sensor Synchronization in Multi-Path Wireless Sensor Network

吳柏輝 2012

Top-k Query Processing Considering Reverse Skyline Retrieval

莊坤翰 2012

On Sequential K-Coverge Verification

黃國柱 2011

Coverage Maximization on Spatial Databases Considering Bi-chromatic Reverse k-Nearest Neighbors

林王智瑞 2011

Mutiple Release Anonymization for Time-Series Social Network Data

葉崇安 2011

Finding Leaders with Maximum Spread of Influence through Social Networks

李大雋 2010

On Continuous Top-k Similarity Joins

李嘉倫 2010

Top-N Query Processing on Spatial Databases Considering Bi-chromatic Reverse K-Nearest Neighbors
Initial Employment: 建興電子( Lite-On Technology Corporation.)

王文琦 2010

Dynamic Skyline Computations over Considering Range Queries
Initial Employment: 中華電信(CHT)

蘇惠珠 2010

Continuous Probabilistic Skyline Queries over Uncertain Data Streams
Initial Employment: 聯發科技(MediaTek Inc.)

林俊學 2009

Hierarchical Clustering on Streaming Data Using Micro Cluster

趙皎宏 2008

Sharing Aggregate Computations for Processing Multiple Regional Queries in Sensor Networks

蔡景翔 2008

Fast Paths Recommendation in Road Networks based on Efficient Skyline Computations

黃敏維 2008

Efficient Computation of Sub-space Top-K probabilistic Skylines on Uncertain Data

陳慶昇 2007

Lifetime-Constrained Dynamic Sensing Strategies in Sensor Networks

林冠榮 2007

Adaptive Power-Saving Techniques for WSN based on Incremental Data Trend Analysis

廖立文 2007

Rock Music Classification by Chord and Rhythm

凌鈺城 2007

Reverse Nearest Neighbor Search in Metric Spaces with Adjustable Distance Functions

鍾玄彥 2006

Efficiently Answering Time-Space Range Queries over Moving Objects by a Probabilistic Approach

蘇郁琪 2006

Monitoring Heterogeneous Nearest Neighbors for Moving Objects by Considering Location-independent Attributes

李佳蓁 2006

Continuous Evaluation of Fastest Path Queries on Road Networks

李東穎 2006

Mining Serial Episode Rules with Successor Lag Times over Multiple Data Streams

陳鴻元 2006

Improving Histogram Approximation with Line Representation

盧彥光 2006

Mining Frequent Subtrees over Data Stream Using Closed Subtrees

Juliana Hsieh 2006

An Optimization Strategy for Efficient Query Execution over Streaming Source

沈進雄 2006

An Efficient Method for Processing Multiple Continuous Top-K Queries

葉志剛 2005

Processing Multiple Queries of Finding Frequent Itemsets over Multiple Data Streams

張力元 2005

Efficient Approaches for Adaptive Load Shedding in a Data Stream Management System

陳穎毅 2005

An Index Structure for XML Documents using Set-Valued Attributes of Elements

吳自強 2005

Maintaining Moving Sums over Data Streams

謝承恩 2005

Discovering Frequent Tree Patterns over Data Streams

蔡曉雯 2004

An HMM-based Variation System for Producing Blues Style Music

莊若純 2004

Efficient Query Processing in Transactional Databases by A Two-Level Bounding Mechanism

黃人傑 2004

An Efficient Method for Estimating XML Path Selectivity for Stream Query Systems

蔡峰杰 2004

Building a Virtual Music Channel with Preferred Music Mood from Multiple Music Streams

翁珮玹 2004

An Automatic Musical from Analysis System for Rondo and Fugue

林志祥 2004

Mining Frequent Itemsets in Time-Sensitive Sliding Window over Data Streams

江家明 2003

A New Approach for Sensitive Rule Hiding by Considering Side Effects

曾泳舜 2003

Collaborative Music Recommendation by Profiles of Trustable Users

李嘉雄 2003

A Novel Representation of Sequences based on Structural Information for Effective Sequence Retrieval

簡敏紘 2003

Perceptual Analysis for Music Segmentation

陳珮宜 2002

Vedio Retrieval Based on Similarity of Motion Tracks of Moving Objects

沈詩馨 2002

An XML-based Semantic Model for Music Querying Systems

林長榮 2002

Classification of Music Data using Repeating Patterns

謝文雯 2002

Video Content Analysis for Constructing a Bowling Information System

張聿傑 2001

Discovering Phenomena with User Queries

陳宏鎮 2001

A music recommendation system based on music data grouping and user interests

李玄杰 2001

A Semantic Video Retrieval System Supporting Knowledge Reasoning

潘依寧 2001

Scheduling Real-Time Data Items In Multiple Channels And Multiple Receivers Environments

許志浩 2001

Generating Broadcast Programs on Multiple Channels int the Wireless Environment

劉家燕 2000

A Study on Inter-transaction Association Rule Mining and the Classification of the Data Mining Problems

葉孟勳 2000

A Push-Pull Strategy for Efficient Answering of Multiple Data Item Queries in Mobile Environments

吳雅婷 2000

Content-based Image Retrieval by Feature Point Matching

吳育瑋 2000

Effective Search of WWW Data by Relevance Feedback and Query Expansion Using History Information

陳勇全 2000

Making Personalized Recommendation on the Internet Environment through User Interests and User Behaviors

花毓瑄 1999

Query by Segments: An Approach for Song Retrieval in Music Databases

李威進 1999

Efficient Index Structures for Music Data Retrieval

張仲銘(Paul C. M. Chang) 1998

Mining Association Rules by Sorts

李金松(J. S. Lee) 1998

Semantic Video Model for Content-based Retrieval

陳俊吉(J. G. Chen) 1998


陳珍佩(J. P. Chen) 1998

Index Structures for Information Filtering on WWW

李志忠(Chih-Chong Lee) 1998

An Efficient Approach for Incremental Association Rule Mining

魏廷諭(Ting-Yu Wai) 1997

Retrieving Video Data via Motion Tracks of Content Symbols
Initial Employment: 工研院電通所 (ITRI Computer & Communication Lab.)

李科莉(K. L. Lee) 1997

Efficient Graph-Based Algorithms for Discovering and Maintaining Knowledge in Large Databases

陳政全(James C. C. Chen) 1997

Query by Rhythms An Approach for Song Retrieval in Music Databases

陳彥寰(Y. H. Chen) 1996


林義斌(I. P. Lin) 1996

An efficient method to build video indexes from compressed data

林柔慧(Jou-Hui Lin) 1995

An efficient query processing algorithm on object databases with multi-valued attributes
Initial Employment: 資策會 (Institute for Information Industry)

周大鈞(Ta-Chun Chou) 1995

Music Database:indexing technique and implementation

吳念祖(Alex N.J. Wu) 1993

Improving execution concurrency for long-duration database transactions
Initial Employment: 資策會(Institute for Information Industry)

王文方(Wen-Fang Wang) 1993

A new relation partitioning scheme for distributed query optimization
Initial Employment:電信所 (Telecommunication Laboratories Chung-Hwa Telecom)

邱俊豪(J. H. Chiou) 1992

A new data structure and accelerators for efficient temporal query processing
Initial Employment:中山科學院 (Sun Yet-San Science Research Institute)

簡國芳 (K. F. Chien) 1992

Providing Object Views on Relational Database
Initial Employment:中山科學院 (Sun Yet-San Science Research Institute)

李金地(C. T. Li) 1992

Performance Evaluation for Managing Inconsistent Caches in Client/Server Architecture
Initial Employment: 資策會 (Institute for Information Industry)


林真伊 2012

Efficient Algorithms for Determining k-most Demanding/Favorite Products
Initial Employment: 國立清華大學(National Tsing Hua University)

范耀中 2010

Efficient and Robust Schemes for Accuracy-Guranteed Sensor Data Aggregation
Initial Employment: 國立清華大學(National Tsing Hua University)

王恩慈 2010

Mining Frequent Itemsets over Distributed Data Streams
Initial Employment: 國立清華大學(National Tsing Hua University)

陳宏鎮 2008

Techniques of Music Analysis Recommendation and Retrieval for Music Services
Initial Employment: 國立清華大學(National Tsing Hua University)

邱鼎潁 2008

On Frequent Sequence Mining and Online Classification Techniques
Initial Employment: ...

左聰文 2008

Mining and Retrieving Various Sequential Patterns in Sequence Databases<
Initial Employment: 國立台灣師範大學(National Taiwan Normal University)

劉寧漢 2005

Similarity Search in Polyphonic Music Databases
Initial Employment: 屏東科技大學助理教授

林佳漢 2005

A Study on Video Modeling, Indexing and Query Processing
Initial Employment: 亞洲大學助理教授

李官陵(Guanling Lee) 2001

Location Management and Efficient Query Processing in Mobile Information Systems
Initial Employment: 東華大學資訊工程學系暨網路與多媒體科技研究所(CSIE at NDHU)

徐嘉連(Jia-Lien Hsu) 2001

Content-based Music Information Retrieval and Analysis
Initial Employment: 工研院電通所 (ITRI Computer & Communication Lab.)

吳宜鴻(Yi-Hung Wu) 2001

The Analysis Indexing and Retrieval of Web Data
Initial Employment: 清華大學電通中心 (CCRC at NTHU)

羅壽之 2000

Data Broadcasting in the Mobile Computing Environment
Initial Employment: 東華大學

郭秋田(Tony C.T. Kuo) 1998

Indexing Retrieval and Query Processing for Video Databases

劉志俊(Chih-Chin Liu) 1998

Content-Based Video and Music Data Retrieval

柯佳伶(Jia-Ling Koh) 1997

Integration and Query Processing for Object and Multimedia Databases
Initial Employment: 國立台灣師範大學(National Taiwan Normal University)

顏秀珍(Show-Jane Yen) 1997

Efficient Knowledge Discovery from Large Databases
Initial Employmnt:銘傳管理學院(Ming Chuan College)

張志祥(C. S. Chang) 1996

The inference,aggregation,refinement and applications of uncertain data
Initial Employment:三慧科技(Trilogy Technologies)

蔡秀滿(Pauray S. M. Tsai) 1996

Interoperability and query Optimization in multidatabase systems
Initial Employment:明新技術學院 (Ming Hsin Institute of Technology)

邱瑞山(Jui-Shang Chiu) 1995

Pv-table - A representation system for exclusive disjunctive data
Initial Employment:國立屏東商專 (National PingTung Institute of Commerce)

曾守正(Frank S.C. Tseng) 1992

A study on partial values with applications to query processing in heterogeneous database systems
Initial Employment:元智工學院(Yuan-Ze Institute of Technology)